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Climate Parenting

Cool Parenting in a Warming World

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"Sincere thanks for a profoundly helpful and supportive course 

"One significant change is that I feel more comfortable talking about this subject now. Also, I feel more hopeful to keep on."

“The course has been really inspiring and supportive. Thank you!”


“A very considered, nurturing programme that I'm really glad to have come across.”

Climate Parenting offers both group and individual coaching for parents concerned about the climate crisis.

  • Are you worried about the climate emergency and the destruction of the natural world?

  • Are you scared for your children’s future and unsure how to navigate your own feelings about it, let alone theirs as they grow up?

  • Are you keen to get involved in action to protect the world and defend your children’s future, but feel unsure about what you, as one individual, can usefully do?

  • Are you already doing your part to tackle this crisis but want a community to support you or help to process your feelings so you can keep it up?

  • Do you feel alone and bemused as to why people around you don’t seem concerned?

  • Are you uncertain how best to influence those around you or how to involve your children in caring for the planet without scaring them?  

If you can relate to any or all of the above and are considering parenthood, expecting a child or already a parent, carer, concerned relative or friend to a young child then you're in the right place.

Why Parents?

Becoming a parent is a time of huge adaptation with unique physical and emotional challenges, during which relationships with our children develop and existing relationships change. We may also face a barrage of new expectations – from ourselves or from others. It can be an isolating and exhausting time.

Being a parent also gives us a powerful, new connection to the future. The realisation that we are parenting the generation that will be most impacted by climate change can trigger a host of entirely natural emotions – anxiety, despair, guilt, inadequacy and/or an intense sense of responsibility.

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