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My name is Rachel Yates. I am a UK qualified clinical psychologist. I am also a climate coach and parent to a busy two-year-old. I made my own journey from climate despair and disempowerment to a place where I now feel a lot more active and empowered. ​I would love to help you take the same journey.



Being a parent gives us a powerful connection to the future. The realisation that we are parenting the generation that will be most impacted by climate change can trigger a host of entirely natural distressing emotions and we often feel alone with them.

This course offers:

  • 6 sessions for parents experiencing climate distress facilitated by a UK trained clinical psychologist and climate coach

  • Share with a community of others who feel the same

  • Learn how to support your own and your child's emotional resilience in uncertain times

  • Get help in finding the next steps in your climate journey to suit your individual skills, values and circumstances

  • Spaces available for course starting 31st October 2023

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"Sincere thanks for a profoundly helpful and supportive course 

"One significant change is that I feel more comfortable talking about this subject now. Also, I feel more hopeful to keep on."

“The course has been really inspiring and supportive. Thank you!”

“A very considered, nurturing programme that I'm really glad to have come across.”

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