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This course can no longer be booked.

Group Coaching Experience for Parents

Cool Parenting in a Warming World

  • Online group session

What will the course offer?

This group experience will be a chance to explore climate distress and work out how to live with it so that we can enjoy our children and best help them make sense of the world they are growing up in. It will be a place to find community with others who share our concerns. It will be an opportunity to explore what it means to take climate action. As parents, our time is precious so we will explore different ways to get (or stay) involved in action, in a way which doesn’t simply add to our to-do lists. You will be invited to look at what is right for you and your family, at this point in your life, taking into account all the pressures you are inevitably juggling! In action and in community, there is room for hope and, with support, we can all find ways to use our individual skills, talents and experiences to address these crises. If you're struggling with how to engage with the climate emergency, then this course is for you. Come along and get to know people who feel the same, and we can find our way together! When? As this is the first time I will run this programme, it will be run as a pilot. The exact dates will be agreed based on the needs of the group that sign up. The course will be 12 hours total in length, divided over 6 sessions and will run fortnightly from roughly the end April/early May through to roughly the end of June. The sessions will likely run on Saturdays at either 4pm BST or 7:30pm BST. Please let me know what would suit you best when you get in touch and I will choose the option that best suits the majority. If these times don´t suit you but you are keen to participate, please get in touch anyway, as depending on the needs of the group we may change things or, if not, I can keep you in mind as future cohorts will run at different times. What does the course cost? Because this course is a pilot, I am offering it at a significant discount – only £59 or 68 euros. That´s less than £5 an hour, which is pretty good value when you compare it to your average yoga class! In exchange I will ask participants for detailed feedback on their experience and suggestions about how I can improve the course. There will be a feedback form to complete after each session, another at the end of the course and a final group session after the course has finished to discuss participants’ experiences within the group. Over time I am keen to make the course available to as many people as possible. In future, I hope to secure funding to enable me to deliver

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